Harmattan ‘n’ fashion

Dressing up and looking good during the Christmas season is challenging. Yes you’re happy about the season and which comes as a period of intense happiness and good mood. Christmas is here again but choosing the right outfit during this time just like the rainy season of June /July is not an easy task. Shopping […]

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New year Chelsea’s boot.

OK..guys this editorial is gonna be one of my fav editorial….oh! ‘why’? Coz’ it just is. And for the record, I think am kind of obsessed with Chelsea boot. So lately, have been perusing through look-books and stuffs and got captivated by this brown suede chelsea boot. Although, I anticipated on getting one but you […]

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Getting out of bed in the morning, opening the window to refresh your mind, body and spirit, showering and then carelessly walking into your closet to pick out your outfit for the day sounds like the beginning of a unique day balanced by a healthy routine. Just before breakfast, you choose your “weapons” for the […]