Getting out of bed in the morning, opening the window to refresh your mind, body and spirit, showering and then carelessly walking into your closet to pick out your outfit for the day sounds like the beginning of a unique day balanced by a healthy routine. Just before breakfast, you choose your “weapons” for the day.

And you know how “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”?

There is undeniable magic accessed through design. You can feel it changing your perspective. One day you imagine your dream closet and the next, you’re getting dressed there every morning. The masculine vibe in a man’s walk-in-closet is not given by the clothes themselves, but by a magical mix of materials, colors, textures, light and creative vision.

It’s not so hard to design closet layout as at first glance may seem. Especially nowadays, when one can find inspirations and closet design ideas on the Internet. If reasoned, the men’s wardrobe does not require much – a few simple additions like chest of drawers, shoe racks, valet and rack for belts and tie. These are the things without which any man’s wardrobe would be unimaginable.

However, there are nuances about each individual closet, which makes this process little bit complicated. While closet design ideas are many, the most difficult thing is to understand the best way how to place each personal stuff. We all are different as personalities and our lifestyle, work and hobbies differ. Our lifestyle makes huge influence to the closet layout.

Therefore, before starting to plan the wardrobe design, you need to find out exactly what stuff will be placed in the closet. If there are clothes which should be hanged, then you need to know, how much and in what lengths. As well, how many bags, accessories, etc. will be placed in the closet. If all this is clear, then wardrobe layout will be easy to plan. After, the next step is to find the perfect closet design. Therefore, i’ve created an inspiring collection of wardrobe designs.


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