New year Chelsea’s boot.

OK..guys this editorial is gonna be one of my fav editorial….oh! ‘why’? Coz’ it just is. And for the record, I think am kind of obsessed with Chelsea boot.

So lately, have been perusing through look-books and stuffs and got captivated by this brown suede chelsea boot. Although, I anticipated on getting one but you know, I just got this kind of feeling (I really don’t need it now…and besides, I don’t do boots).  But leave the experience for later (or maybe never) and get transplanted in this whole new series of the new year’s Chelsea’s boot.

Chelsea Boots and men’s fashion have a strong history together. This is not going to change any time soon! Chelsea boots have always been in fashion, supported by celebrities in all histories. Named the footwear of choice for many a stylish man.

This style of boot should have a space in every man’s shoe cupboard. Simply due to it being not just this season they’re in they’ve never been out of style. If you’re still not convinced you can pull the boot off let me reassure you – they’re a style anyone can pull off no matter ages size or style.

There are no strict rules that are specifically for Chelsea boots. Like a rule for anything make sure your colours don’t clash, other than that there aren’t many rules other than generally make sure your trousers sit over the top of the boot. You want to show the boots of because it’s likely you spent a lot of money for them.

One of the best things about Chelsea boots is how well they fit with your wardrobe. This means with the right advise you can get any extremely good wear out of them. Whether its formal look or casual you can pull off the Chelsea boot.

If you are someone who likes testing with colour, try a classic navy suit paired with a brown boot. Always remember when doing this the belt should match being the same colour creating a sharper look.

Many people like wearing Chelsea boots with a suit for the simple reason they don’t have laces. This means it gives you sleeker lines with your trousers. You can wear with a slim fit suit or skinniest jeans and you won’t have a weird lump of laces underneath them.

Remember keep your trouser leg over the top of the boot, you’ve got an awesome pair of boots make sure people see them. Ohh….I really got this for new year.


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